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The Omni PGA Frisco Resort stands as one of the largest new resort projects in the nation over the last few years. Featuring 500 guest rooms, 10 ranch rooms, 13 dining destinations, two 18-hole championship golf courses, a retail district and more. It's a unique blend of Texan charm and modern luxury, but beyond the scenic escape lies a story of meticulous planning and innovative construction.

At HotelSpaces ‘23, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Brett Cimorelli, VP,  Construction & Development, shared the resort's road to construction, and Laura McKoy, VP, Interior Design + Creative Director, who brought its design to life.

Laura & Brett provide exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the Omni PGA Frisco resort's design and construction: 

  • A modern twist on Texan heritage: See how repurposed artifacts and locally sourced materials tell the story of the land, seamlessly integrated with modern design elements.
  • Community connection at its core: Discover spaces designed to bring people together, from cozy gathering areas to adaptable event spaces that transform to any occasion.
  • Overcoming challenges, exceeding expectations: Learn how the team tackled unexpected issues like Texas clay expansion and pandemic delays, turning them into opportunities for smart solutions and sustainable practices.

Dive deeper into the resort's unique story, and see how luxury and heritage intertwine to create Texan luxury. 

Watch the full video below:




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