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In an era where travelers are increasingly seeking memorable and unique experiences during their hotel stays, understanding the evolving dynamics of the experience economy has become crucial for hotel brands and owners. 

At HotelSpaces '23, we delved into this burgeoning trend by gathering a diverse array of voices from the hospitality and entertainment sectors. This insightful discussion aimed to uncover valuable lessons that can be integrated into hotel design and programming, setting new standards for guest satisfaction and engagement.

The panel of industry leaders included:

  • Alexa Jewell Schaefer, Director of Strategy at ChangeUp, who steered the conversation as the moderator.
  • Darcy Troy-Pollack, VP of Immersive Experiences at MGM Resorts, sharing her expertise in crafting captivating guest experiences.
  • Vince Kadlubek, the visionary Founder of Meow Wolf, known for its groundbreaking interactive art installations.
  • Winston Fisher, CEO of AREA15, an expert in blending entertainment with retail and hospitality.
  • Gary Dollens, Global Head of Design & Brand Development at Hyatt, offering insights from the perspective of a global hospitality leader.

    The session provided a rich tapestry of ideas, highlighting how the principles of the experience economy can be applied to redefine the future of hotel hospitality. Watch the full discussion below!

P.S. Here are some of our favorite highlights from this talk:

1. Use technology to tailor experiences to individual guests' preferences. (38:00)MGM

2. Challenges and the Future of the Experience Economy (48:00 - 1:09:10)

3. The importance of creating unique and memorable experiences for guests (1:09:10 - 1:10:00)
MGM Resorts


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